Lumen: Editorial Policy for articles submitted in English

The Editorial Board invites contributions from all participants in the annual conference of the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Lumen is an annual, bilingual, and interdisciplinary journal.

  1. Essays should not exceed twenty pages in length, including quotations and footnotes.
  2. Notes should be in the form of footnotes, at the bottom of the page.
  3. Essays should be double-spaced, including quotations and footnotes. All pages should be numbered consecutively (arabic numerals only in top right corner) with margins of 3 cm.
  4. Authors are asked to include an abstract (100 to 150 words) on a separate page with their submissions. The abstract should be provided in both English and French. Abstracts of accepted essays will be included in Lumen and on the CSECS/SCEDHS website.
  5. Authors of accepted essays will be asked to prepare a brief biographical description (maximum: two sentences) to be included in "Notes on Contributors."
  6. Relevant illustrations may be included, but it is the responsibility of the author to receive permission for reproduction and to provide camera-ready images once the essay has been accepted.
  7. Quotations longer than four lines of poetry or prose should be set off from the text by two double-spaces.
  8. Italics should be used instead of underlining; no bold characters should be used in the text.
  9. Authors' names and addresses should appear on a separate title page and not in the text, since CSECS has a policy of anonymous submission.
  10. Lumen only considers essays which are not under simultaneous consideration at another journal.
  11. For all other questions of academic style, essays submitted for publication in English should follow the guidelines set out in The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition).