Lumen Volume XVII, 1998

vi/174 p.

Theatre of the World. Théâtre du monde

Editors: Carol Gibson-Wood and Gordon D. Fulton
ISSN: 1209-3696
ISBN: 0-920980-72-4
Price: $29.95 CDN — See our clearance sale

Barrell, John, "'An Entire Change of Performances?' The Politicisation of Theatre and the Theatricalisation of Politics in the mid 1790s," p. 11-50. Ill.

Bérubé, Georges, "L'apparition du personnage du père dans le théâtre de Voltaire," p. 91-101.

Campbell, Grant, "Starry Wheels and Watch-Fiends: Clocks and Timepieces in William Blake's Milton," p. 165-174.

Didier, Béatrice, "La réception de l'opéra par les philosophes," p. 1-10.

Grundy, Isobel, "Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Theatrical Eclogue," p. 63-75.

Harris, Diane, "Eugenia's Escape: The Written Word in Frances Burney's Camilla," p. 151-164.

Kitching, Laurence P.A., "German Theatre in a European Context: The Mitau Playbill," p. 77-90. Ill.

Long, Douglas, "Hume's 'Imagination' Revisited," p. 127-149.

Pickard, Richard, "Environmentalism and 'Best Husbandry': Cutting Down Trees in Augustan Poetry," p. 103-126.

Rempel, John, "Nahum Tate's ('aberrant,' 'appalling') The History of King Lear [1681]: Lear as Inscriptive Site," p. 51-61.

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