Lumen Volume XIX, 2000

xiii/241 p. Ill.

Material Productions & Cultural Construction/Culture matérielle & Constructions discursives

Editors: Robert James Merrett, with the assistance of Richard Connors and Tiffany Potter
ISSN: 1209-3696
ISBN: 0-920980-80-5
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Artigas-Menant, Geneviève, "La plume et les Lumières: le manuscrit, outil de progrès," p. 1-21.

Baridon, Michel, "The Cultural Historian and the Garden," p. 23-37. Ill.

Clark, Lorna J., "Sarah Harriet Burney: Traits of Nature and Families," p. 121-134.

Cussac, Hélène, "Bonheur et vie matérielle d'après le Tableau de Paris de Louis-Sébastien Mercier," p. 135-151.

Fell, Christa, "Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's Samuel Henzi: The Non-Fragmentary Status of the Text," p. 89-97.

Fink, Beatrice, "Savoirs et saveurs," p. 39-53. Ill.

Germani, Ian, "1792: Myths and Realities of the Nation-in-Arms," p. 153-170. Ill.

Hollis-Berry, Elizabeth, ""No Party favour'd, no Designs in view": Female Rakes and Heroes, Politics and Power in Delarivier Manley's Heroic Drama," p. 171-186.

John, David G., "The International Impact of Lessing's Nathan the Wise," p. 98-107.

Kennedy, Ellie, "Rousseau and Werther: In Search of a Sympathetic Soul," p. 109-119.

Kozakewich, Tobi, Kirsten MacLeod et Juliet McMaster, "Editing Jane: Austen's Juvenilia in the Classroom," p. 187-201. Ill.

Marsh, James H., "Tous les savoirs du monde," p. 55-67. Texte en anglais.

Merrett, Robert James, "Preface/Préface," p. v-ix.

Pollock, Carolee, "Thomas Walker's Ear: Political Legitimacy in Post-Conquest Quebec," p. 203-214.

Reid-Walsh, Jackie, ""Do you understand muslins, Sir ?": The Circulation of Ball Dresses in Evelina and Northanger Abbey," p. 215-223.

Rice, Paul F., "Musical Nationalism and the Vauxhall Gardens," p. 69-88. Ill.

Richardson, A.J.H., "Canada's First Suburb: Transplanting the Villa to Early Québec," p. 225-241. Ill.

"A Tribute to/Hommage à Alison Scott-Prelorentzos," p. xi-xiii.

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